Should customer experience be important to legal firms?

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Should customer experience be important to legal…

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In 2013 the customer satisfaction for legal services had dropped to an all time low and yet 6 years on what has changed? The legal sector is seen as slow, antiquated and it is very often difficult to get hold of the person who is dealing with your issue or case. This is because solicitors are typically juggling multiple cases which are different in complexity and are trying their best whilst working long hours.

The legal sector is not immune from changes in consumer behaviour driven by technology and convenience. Businesses can no longer be product or service led but must now be looking to lead on customer experience.

Customers are empowered with choice with ease of access to information available at their fingertips via their phone or PC. It is becoming increasingly easy and fast for disruptors to enter a market and steal market share at the cost of both large and small businesses. Think of Amazon in the book and music sector, Netflix , Uber and Just Eats. No sector is immune.

If you are a legal firm and want to learn about how you can improve your customer experience then why not get in touch for a chat and see how you can build your business for sustained long term success.

I have practical experience of implementing organisational, process and system changes within SME and across multiple countries for a global business. I am able to help business owners and leaders by…



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