Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Companies are always looking at smarter ways in saving money, especially during these uncertain times.  Before Covid-19 business owners constantly reviewed their objectives to increase profitability and optimize in house resources. 

While businesses are currently trying to get back to some normality, managers are under pressure trying to understand how they can gain back some time due to spending most of their time problem-solving.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are self-employed experienced professionals, who have normally come from a personal/executive assistant background and who work for clients from remote locations.  VAs normally work for multiple clients using a variety of skills specifically tailored to their client’s requirements.

Hiring an experienced VA will mean you will get things done within agreed deadlines giving you back time to work on other parts of the business that require your attention.

I recently launched my new Virtual Assistant business, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work remotely for my previous employer, I worked 1 or 2 days a week pre-Covid-19 and then full time from March 2020.

Sitting in my small office at home I have been thinking about what my primary services as a VA is.  The list is long: diary management, travel arrangements, social media marketing, database management, to name but a few.

It then occurred to me that my main primary service which has been mentioned by many people is my ‘I can do this’ attitude added with integrity and reliability.

So how do I go about working with clients:

Understand what is required before taking on a task.  It is important to establish the details including deadlines and what needs to be delivered.

When taking on a new client, it is important to put their mind at ease by giving them an example of a similar job you have done before, without giving away too many details.

When it comes to work, everything is prioritised using a scheduling system. Work which has specific deadlines need to be taken care of first.

Working with deadlines it is important to stay on track and not get distracted with anything else.  It is always important to let the client know if there is going to be a slight delay after all honesty is everything when you want reoccurring business.

My ‘I can do this’ attitude helps builds a strong and long-lasting relationship with people I work with.

So, can I help your business, you bet because ‘I can do this’ for you and your business.

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