8 Key Strategies to Successfully Launch a New Business

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8 Key Strategies to Successfully Launch a New…

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8 key strategies to successfully launch a new business
by Kieran Perry

1. Start early communicating with both media outlets and relevant industry influencers is key to actually gaining coverage at the appropriate time for your launch. Reporters aren’t going to jump when you snap your fingers, so beginning your outreach strategies at least two months before your official launch date is a great way to generate the conversation, and anticipation, well in advance.

2. Utilising current and popular bloggers, social media stars or high-profile customers by sending out free samples trials of your product / service in exchange for honest reviews can introduce your product to a whole new potential customer base, and continue to generate excitement until the official launch.

3. Start developing your own following across social media. Identify and research your target market so you can tailor your communication directly to their interests. If your product / service can reach an already established and hungry market, like the tech industry, seed their space with mysterious “leaks,” and build brand recognition and awareness.
Make your brand visible in relevant conversations and regularly interact with influencers and industry thought leaders.

4. Consider planning a product or business launch event to officially announce the launch of your new business. A well organised event can be a great way to finalise months of solid marketing groundwork, and act as the catalyst to push your business to an even wider audience. Make sure to invite the appropriate influencers, social media stars or industry experts you’ve communicated with so far, keeping the release rolling.

5. If an event isn’t your bag, utilise the time you have in the release cycle to develop unique, though on brand, marketing materials. Creating an interesting infographic, publishing a survey that supports the value of your product, or a video that’s destined to go viral can engage a much wider audience than people who are exclusively tuned into the industry, inject your brand with some valuable personality, and drive product sales.

6. Capitalise on your popularity by making it easy for people to learn about your product / service, linking your wider marketing with free trials, downloads, product videos and more.

7. Ignore the parts of the launch that do not drive business. If your business doesn’t offer a product, or the service you offer doesn’t appeal to a mass consumer audience, focus your approach on targeted sources, such as specific industry magazines and trade shows, rather than accumulating followers on social media.

Instead, use the channels for consumer engagement and customer service. See who is talking about your offering online and then make contact with them. See how these contacts can help you further promote your offering within their social circles.

8. Review your service / sales after 8, 12 and 24 weeks and if needed consider refining your model or offering.

My services include bespoke one2one business coaching, mentoring, sales advice and sales training. I create tailored solutions for small, medium and large businesses.

I can help you inject the right strategies, ideas, energy and direction into your new or existing business with a Free Initial Telephone Consultation, and Over 25 Years Experience.
Contact Me at www.KieranPerry.com
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