How to go live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time?

Mark Twain, Digital Aimz Marketing Consultant

How to go live on Instagram and Facebook at the…

In today’s condition, everyone is at home just because of the global virus coronavirus. Many companies are working remotely, and we have to stay at home because of increasing cases of COVID-19. According to a survey the marketplace is impacting badly due to a new strain of the virus, making people confined to their homes and apartments.

Physical conferences and meetings sound like a dream that existed long before. Now big corporations and companies barely throw official meetings to discuss critical official matters and affairs. They instead turn to live streams and live video chatting to communicate better with each other. 

Even if you are running a business and handling employees remotely by giving them a set of stipulated rules and regulations, you can either use Facebook or Instagram simultaneously. Since you could not sync these both social networks before, it was challenging to share the content. The user would first post the content on Facebook and then copy and paste it to post it on Instagram. It was time-consuming. Fortunately, now if the users sync two applications, they can simply share the image, content, and media file on one, it will automatically go live on another network itself. 

Facebook is the owner of Instagram, and the two of them can’t be live-streamed at the same time because you can’t use two applications at the same time on your mobile phone. In order to login to Facebook to do live streams there, log out there and go live on Instagram to conduct a live stream and vice versa. 

Ways to Go Live on Insta and Facebook

So, if you need to go live on both the applications at the same time, let discuss some of the available options that might be helpful in this regard.

Thanks to their advanced features of the applications now you can go live on both accounts with a click of a button. No need to do two separate live streams on each network individually when you can go live on both networks instantly. 

If you have one device, go live from Facebook or Instagram; whichever you choose, save the video on your application. After finishing your live stream at one application, upload that same video on another platform whenever you wish to. You won’t have to make a separate video for each stream, just go live, record the session, save it, and send it over to the network of your choice. 

    1. If you can afford two mobile phones, you can go live at two different applications simultaneously using two devices.

    1. You can also use two different devices, i.e., your mobile phone and your desktop computer, to simultaneously go live on both platforms.

    1. Some software options are also available to go live from both the applications simultaneously, i.e., OBS Studio, OBS Classic, VIMEO Livestream Studio, and many more. All of them have great features.

Noticeable Concerns 

Although you can synchronize Facebook with Instagram, the data from one network would be automatically shared on the other one yet you cannot perform live streams on both at the same time. However, it is expected that these social networks might collaborate with each other to sort out the solution of the problem. It may allow its users to stream videos on multiple networks through one platform.

    • If you go live at one application and save that video and upload it later on another application, this is not live streaming, but the idea still works out for many who want to share their videos. 

    • You can go live at the same time on both platforms if you have two different devices. But the problem is that can you afford two other expensive devices? The problem will occur with the quality and sound of your video. As you use two mobile phones, you cannot have the same video results while streaming live. So, this could not be very pleasant for you and your Facebook and Instagram followers, who love to see you. 

    • If one device you are using is your mobile phone and the other is your desktop computer, there might be a difference in video quality. If your viewers don’t have a problem with it, you should not have it either. Sometimes conveying the messages is more important than thinking about the video's quality, so just make the best of the streams using your available resources. 

    • If you want to stream a live video on your desktop computer, you need to bear the additional expense for a good quality webcam and a good handset.

In the future, Instagram and Facebook consider allowing the users to be live on both networks at all once. This idea is neither conceived nor executed, and it might take some time for the developers to come up with software features to allow the users to go live on different networks at the same time.

If you love doing live streams for business or personal meetings, I would suggest you use two different devices, either laptops or mobile phones, as of now to make it work for yourself. When you connect two devices for the same live streams, make sure to use the best Wi-Fi network, so video and sound quality do not get compromised. 

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Mark Twain Digital Aimz Marketing Consultant

Mark Twain is a digital marketer and works at Digital Aimz.

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