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Were here to help

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Mark Glen Consultancy are here to help with all your planning needs.

From pre construction and tender planning to site support, holiday & sickness cover.

Delay analysis and EOT claims, we can help with it all.

Want to see how we can help then get in touch. 
  • planning
  • Delay analysis
  • holiday cover
  • sickness cover

We provide planning solutions for builders, contractors, fit out contractors and larger sub contractors. We produce construction programmes, progress reporting and monitoring. Re-programming and all…


Who should you hire? the right candidate for the job, right?

So quick question for you, would you hire an electrician to plumb in your bathroom? They said they have done it…

Line of balance

In linier project line of balance can be utilised to ensure efficiency between work activities. When we say linier…

Relevant Events

So, what is a relevant event and why do you need to know? To start with the relevant events we are discussing today…

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Were here to help

Mark Glen Consultancy are here to help with all your planning needs.From pre construction and tender planning to site…

Delay analysis isn't only for trying to claim an...

Delay analysis is key to understanding where you have lost time and why. Using it to identify your own shortcomings is…

Critical or non critical?

Are you a critical or non-critical sub-contractor??? I know what you’re thinking and I agree all subcontractors and…

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