Heed Benjamin Franklin’s advice.

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Heed Benjamin Franklin’s advice.

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Benjamin Franklin taught us that we cannot improve our lot nor make achievements in our lives unless we continually grow and make progress. 

But the concept applies not only to our lives in general but to every separate aspect of our lives, particularly the one we spend nearly a quarter of our adult lives doing - our careers. 

So how do we know whether we are making progress or not? By reviewing our careers on an ongoing basis. 

1. Are my top three career drivers still being satisfied? 
2. Does my career still challenge me mentally? 
3. Is my working environment still one in which I thrive? 
4. Am I still passionately interested in what I do at work? 
5. Does it still give me a good work-life balance? 

Develop a routine of answering these five questions once a month and you’ll soon realise whether your career is on track and moving in the right direction. And if it isn’t - you know what to do! #proteuscareermanagement #careermanagement #worklifebalance #careerreview #careerdrivers #careeradvice 
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