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If you are unhappy at work here are five specific changes you can make to the way you interact with the world around you.

1 Become politely rebellious. Don’t be troublesome and constantly disruptive but don’t be afraid to inject your thoughts with a few ‘What if we ....?’ and ‘Why don’t we ....?’ Make sure you contribute your ideas!

2 Become relentlessly positive. Look for the good and praise it, but if you have to challenge someone’s mistake do it privately and remember the difference between offering a critique and voicing a criticism.

3 Become prudently self critical. Keep a watchful eye on your own behaviour, the path you tread and the results you generate and if you are wrong or make a mistake don’t be afraid to admit it.

4 Become persistently interactive. Don’t waffle, don't try to socialise ad nauseam and don't monopolise conversations, but do build professional relationships with colleagues and peers whenever circumstances allow.

5 Become genuinely optimistic. Don’t expect things to go wrong, but be prepared in case they do. Put plans in place against the day when your world goes pear shaped: redundancies and takeovers do happen!

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I am a proactive director and business leader who is intent on providing, in the most ethical manner possible, discreet and confidential career management services to individuals. My ultimate aim, my…

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