What do YOU want in a sales workshop?

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What do YOU want in a sales workshop?

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Hi guys, I love teaching and training fellow business owners to sell better. However, I believe a lot of people have pre-concieved ideas as to what goes on at sales training courses. There is NO rolling up of trousers legs and funny handshakes going on(well – not at mine).

But one way to help YOU get more out of these days (or perhaps try your first ever sales day) I thought I’d ask “What would you like to cover at a sales training day?”

I would probably be covering most of what you all will ask, but you never know what some folk will come up with. This is a real opportunity to get into a sales course(mixed with a fair amount of Influencing Skills) which YOU helped design.

Let me know what you want me to cover and I shall include it in the next workshop I organise.

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