PAYEpeople is a national payroll bureau providing payroll services to all types of businesses throughout the UK from the company that has one employee to the largest that employs over several thousand people.

We have found that we have been able to cut employers costs by outsourcing their payroll on average by around 20%

In PAYEpeople we help you pay your people by providing you with the help and advice to ensure that your staff are paid accurately and on time as well as ensuring that you and your employees take advantage of any Tax and NIC savings that are available.


am a payroll expert, with over 10 years experience working for large multinational companies and also providing payroll services on a bureau basis to large PLCs, ensuring that my teams deliver an exceptional payroll service.

I am the Head of PAYEpeople a UK based Payroll bureau. As Head of PAYEpeople it is my responsibility to:-

1. Ensure that the service we deliver is more than the client expects.

2. That my service delivery team keep up to date with constantly changing legislation.

3. Expand the business by helping other companies benefit from our friendly, accurate service.

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