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The health and wellbeing of your workers can make or break the business’s long-term success. Dispirited, overstretched staff deliver low quality work and lack a commitment to your organisation, whereby a healthy team feels capable and eager to perform at their optimum.

No matter what size or type of workplace you manage, implementing a health and wellbeing strategy leads to significant improvements. You’ll increase productivity, improve staff retention, boost staff morale, and build a reputation as being a desirable place to work.

Over the years, Mike's clients have included Computer Sense, Public Carriage Office, Transport for London, Specialist Make-up Services Limited, Nouveau Beauty Group, Dixons Store Group and Priority Data.

His work today is particularly focused on working with individuals and business leaders who ‘care’ about the health and wellbeing of their employees, which, Mike says, is the most rewarding work he's have ever done.

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