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Essential Services for Homes and Businesses
*Mission statement*

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"

Our mission is to help thousands of people homes and businesses save money on the essential services the have to use everyday.

By reducing the cost of bills they have to pay every month.
Via my referral I connect you to a better service provider who will then provide you with a better rate and full customer care.

This is a completely FREE consultancy service at no point will be you be charged to switch to a better deal. you are under no obligation to take up any of the offers or savings we provide. If you like what you see you go ahead and say yes we send the info across and our mega giant partners will take care of the rest!

The essential we cover are
1.Energy for homes and businesses
2.Satellite TV broadband and phone
3.Home phone
4.High speed internet
5.Identify theft
6.State of the art affordable security for businesses and homes
7.FREE Mobile service
8.payment processing for businesses

Bespoke service
We come in as an independent consultants and work in partnership with you to help you manage your tenants utility needs. providing your clients with a one on one personal service, guiding and educating them on the product they are buying AND about industry they are buying it from. Our aim is not to sell at the highest price it’s to switch at the best without losing quality!

This service is complete FREE of charge for both you and your clients.

Who we work for

We currently work and have a great relationship with many landlords, property management company’s, estate agents, bars restaurants chains and franchises across the 26 countries we operate it.

Who we work with
We have roughly 180 partnerships spanning the globe! We work with the biggest names in their respective fields. Award-winning multi billion companies that are the best of what they do. But they need US to connect to YOU. As these companies know that a recommendation coming from a trusted service whose best interest is for the customer is far more powerful than a TV add.

So to learn more about the companies we work with and get A completely FREE evaluation of how we can reduce your overheads or monthly personal bills just send us a message and we will arrange a phone, video or in person consultation with in 72 hours.


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