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After experiencing 10 years of life-threatening burnout caused by unmanaged stress in my early 30's, I realised that millions of people out there go through similar experiences as mine all the time because they have no idea how to set boundaries to protect themselves from stress, they don't know how to support their body and mind during long periods of stress, and because they don't know how to properly rest and recover from work and the ups and downs of life. Millions of entrepreneurs, CEOs, high paid professionals with demanding jobs, mothers of small children, doctors, politicians, and elite athletes are currently suffering with some form of severe stress, fatigue, and even burnout, without either being aware of it, or without knowing what to do about it. They need the right support and the right coach for them who can teach them the right steps to follow daily in order to not only get their lives back, but mainly, to avoid falling inot an advanced stage of hypocortisolism (burnout) where diseases like autoimmune disorders or cancers find the perfect grounds to develop.

After battling with years and years of burnout at it's most advanced and dangerous stage, I finally recovered thanks to a series of practices that I forced myself to follow daily, and that include:

* Nutrition to support the adrenals and the stressful demands of my life

* Yoga for the adrenals, for the mind, and for fitness

* Meditation with mantras to balance my brain function and downregulate inflammation of the various brain areas like that become dysfunctional with hypocortisolism like the hippocampus, the amígdala, or the hipotalamus.

* Gut healing progarme  to heal my gut and support gut function

* Detox program to follow daily and keep my internal environment clean as well as my immune system functioning optimally

* A set of practices to channel my emotions properly and avoid my body*mind* purity to become affected and diseased.

* Exercises that allow me to use my voice in more constructive and loving ways

* Techniques to expand my vision in life and learn to include in it things that are nurturing and healthy for me and others

* Learnimg how to be in alignment with the Universe and carry on developing my career while being mindful of my health, my emotional needs, my family and loved ones, and the world around.

This program is a designed to give the very stressed, fatigued and burned-out person a set of holistic tools to reinvent their lives again in a way that they carry on growing their dreams all while being more mindful of new priorities that help them be in harmony with all the elements of life.



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