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I was not in the good place when I acknowledged I needed help and started my sessions with Ewa.
I was finalising a long-term project at work. I only saw the goals I haven’t achieved. The feelings of overwhelm, shame and failure were enhanced by acute anxiety causing complete paralysis on many levels. I was stuck in fight-or-flight mode, which wasn’t getting me anywhere and I needed help to break this cycle. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and needed a gentle push in the right direction.

To start with, Ewa helped me to step back and take a deep breath. Give myself time and space. Define who I am as a person and what’s important to me. Understand that I’m enough and my self-worth needs to be built from within. I’m allowed to make mistakes and these mistakes are my lessons; they allow me to learn and grow as a person. Amongst other things, my mistakes make me who I am.
Ewa is very friendly, straightforward and approachable. The fact that we’re both Polish was a massive bonus for me – Ewa understood very well the way I was brought up, educated and the impact my upbringing had and still has on my life.

Ewa helped me by listening attentively, asking questions and suggesting tools to practice. Our conversations built a foundation for my journey towards re-discovery of myself; self-love, self-worth.
I’d recommend coaching from Ewa to everyone; especially those who are at the crosswords or facing a life change.

Or those who, like myself, feel lost and need someone to help figure out next steps to achieve life’s full potential.
I know my journey has just begun, but thanks to Ewa it feels like an adventure I’m excited about.

- April 2021
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