How Much Does IoT App Development Cost in 2021?

How Much Does IoT App Development Cost in 2021?

There are more aspects to the Internet of Things (IoT) now than just internet-capable devices you connect to every day. During the past few years, IoT has developed into a highly sophisticated technology that supports digital operations with little human interference. Of course, technology changed the game within a matter of days. Almost every major sector of the business marketplace has been impacted by the craze for IoT apps. As a result, IoT solutions have become more smart and automated. Modern IoT app development helps a variety of industries gain access to this progressive technology, with many joining the realm of IoT in healthcare, fitness, education, logistics, and even transportation.

The IoT app development industry exploded drastically last year with more and more businesses aspiring to make the most out of it after seeing investments and profits skyrocket in this field. To shed some light on the growing demand for IoT-driven applications in the global market, here are some stats

A Look At The Factors That Affect The Cost Of IoT App Development

There are several factors that affect the IoT app development cost. Let us have a glance at some of these factors: 

  • Feature sets & design complexity of IoT applications

Adding appeal to the app's interface is the combination of color combinations, patterns, font sizes, graphics, and other visual elements. The theme and UI of IoT apps are customized by UI/UX designers to make them more attractive and impactful from all perspectives. Engaging your users with every interaction on your app is the power of the customer experience. When you budget for any IoT app development company, you need to prioritize the user experience and UI.

  • Prerequisites for hardware

IoT apps also have a cost associated with the type of hardware that will be integrated with them. IoT app development, along with the benefits, requires a solid understanding of hardware requirements to know how much an app will cost in 2021. Hardware integration involves 4 stages that can have a significant impact on your budgeting 

  • Infrastructural components of IoT applications

As with hardware, the cost of building an IoT application depends on these 3 aspects of the infrastructural framework for development:

  • Connectivity: The term 'Internet of Things refers to the networking setup required between IoT-enabled devices and apps. A robust infrastructure relies on a fast and seamless internet connection. This really matters when it comes to budgeting.
  • Third-party integration: Integrating third-party systems into your app is a dominant aspect of its performance. The use of middleware components enhances the capabilities and meets the expectations of users using IoT apps that are integrated with third-party platforms.
  • Cloud-based storage: Security issues are the top concern of every mobile app development company working on IoT projects since IoT solutions are meant for direct interaction with a variety of devices and databases. The engineers of IoT solutions invest their time, effort, and money into improving and enhancing hardware encryption and multi-factor authentication, as well as implementing cloud-based security systems.
  • Complicated IoT apps according to their type

Developing an app with basic features will cost significantly more than creating one with advanced features, it is obvious. A home automation IoT app cost would be lower than a car tracking app, for instance, if you are planning on using it for home automation.

In terms of simple IoT apps, the budget for such apps starts at $30,000 since they are designed with very basic features with very limited device connectivity options. There is a possibility that complex mobile apps may have a budget of more than $50,000 at any app development company due to the presence of APIs, GPS tracking, integration of security tools, multi-platform payment, etc.

  • An IoT app development team dedicated to IoT

A top-rated mobile app and IoT app development company can offer you the best IoT app developers in the market. You can expect nothing less than absolute quality, perfection, and professionalism.

 You may find that a freelancer charges less than an in-house programmer from an IT solution provider. Nonetheless, hiring an independent developer puts a question mark on their credibility and their capability to deliver the IoT apps they promise. No matter whether you go ahead with local freelancers for the creation of your dream IoT app or whether you hire separate developers, it's your choice!

Can IoT Apps Be Developed For A Reasonable Price?

Let's review the factors that usually affect the development budget of IoT apps before we conclude our discussion on how much does it cost to make IoT apps in 2021. The final pricing of any project depends on several factors, including the involvement of dedicated programmers, features, hardware integrations, type of app features & functionalities, timeline, & other additional tasks. In addition to these essential aspects, the technical requirements and resources also contribute to the budget for the development of a robust IoT application from scratch.

The average price for an IoT mobile app is between $10,000 and $50,000 for a full-cycle project, according to the IoT developers' association. As of 2010, the lowest range of IoT solutions is $10,000, which includes monitoring systems with basic functionality.

Summing It Up!

IoT solutions are expected to enjoy a rapid increase in demand in 2021 as the world switches to smart automation so they can maintain minimal human involvement in their activities in face of pandemic concerns. Therefore, IoT apps are expected to be more competitive and advantageous for companies in many industries, including manufacturing, smart homes, sports, healthcare, automobiles, fitness, and other related fields. However, there is a prediction that this will decrease the development costs of IoT software in the near future due to ready-made solution integrations. The cost-reduction benefits of IoT apps would gradually grow as cheaper options and limited resources became available.

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