An Opportunity to Generate Returns of 15% by Investing in a PPI claim fund

An Opportunity to Generate Returns of 15% by…

With interest rates at historically low levels many of us are searching for alternative ways to earn a respectable return on our capital. Avanti Tax and Wealth Management are able to offer you an opportunity to generate returns of 15% per case by investing in a PPI Claim Fund. Key Features: • Exceptional yield of 15% per case • Cases usually settled within 9 months • Capital Investment protected by After The Event Insurance • Very High Success Rate - over 97% of accepted cases settled in the claimant's favour. Background The improper selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies in the UK has led to a large number of compensation claims being brought against lenders. The vast majority of these cases have been settled in the claimant's favour and, as a result, they have received full compensation. An investigation by the Financial Services Authority concluded that many thousands more customers are likely to have been mis-sold PPI. Any individual in the UK that has been mis-sold a PPI policy is able make a claim against their lender. A claims management company, which has attained authorisation from the Ministry of Justice, is able manage a claim on behalf of a claimant and pursue the case with the Financial Ombudsman Service or a Contingent fee solicitor. Our proposition Avanti has partnered with a market leading claims management company which processes hundreds of claims every week. Our partners believe that, due to the rapid take up of claims, there is diminishing window of opportunity for this type of work, which may be as little as 2 years. We are seeking investors to help fund the processing of as many eligible claims as possible during this short period of time. In order to achieve this, it is possible to offer returns of 15% p.a. on investments of £5,000 and above. Success Rate In excess of 97% of cases taken on by our partner result in a successful outcome for the client. They work in partnership with a leading firm of solicitors with vast experience in this sector, and will only process claims which meet very strict eligibility criteria. Investment Safety In the unlikely event that a funded case does not reach a successful conclusion, an After The Event insurance policy is in place to ensure that your capital is returned in full. Alternatively, you may opt to fund an additional claim. Capital Repayment and Timescales Your capital and interest is returned to a Solicitor's client account upon the completion of each case, and released upon your instruction. Cases typically take between 3 and 9 months to reach settlement making it possible to compound returns, should you choose to leave your capital in the fund for over 1 year. Each minimum investment of £5,000 will fund multiple cases likely to conclude at different times. SIPP Compliant Investors can invest directly in to the claim fund or use their pension via a Self Invested Personal Pension. For a free, no obligation, consultation to discuss this opportunity, please contact Mike Smith on 07872550620 or send an email to enquiries@avantihomesolutions.co.uk.

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