Top Factors to Check before Switching Your Credit Card Processing Agency

Top Factors to Check before Switching Your Credit…

Credit card (CC) transactions have turned into a common payment mode for transactions related to businesses. At one time, banks were the main agencies for processing credit cards. With the internet and evolving technology, 3rd party agencies have now come into this domain. Merchants can now get cheaper and faster services. When you plan on changing your own credit card processing agency, while it is nice to look for a good processing rate, you should also look at various other factors - including the following:

Compatibility with software and hardware already present

Debit and credit card processors need to have a system which functions well with the hardware setup existing already at the business place of the merchant. Credit card slots can be found on wireless and wired machines, computers and phones. Likewise, the software for sales entries might let recurring charges, subscriptions, return charge etc. The Credit Card Processor needs to be properly equipped to accurately process the directions.

Funds availability

Generally, debit and credit card processing agencies process credit transactions in batch once each day. The finances cannot be availed right after processing. In case instant funds availability is a big problem for your business, you have to consider this.


Hardware specific solutions are offered by a few CCP companies. Merchants need to purchase POS systems from the agency, to provide the credit card processing system with support. The low fee of processing is compensated by the money that you spend on the POS terminals. In case the company’s rates and services are excellent, you may opt for the deal – given that the hardware can be programmed again and sold off in the future.

Online shopping cart support

The websites of lots of businesses let online shopping happen via a shopping cart application. The application should be supported by the CCP system. It is a scary thing on the coding front to deal with application downtime. It also inconveniences consumers and ruins sales.

Customer service quality

The POS terminals that debit and credit card processing agencies set up need to be easily usable. The last thing that merchants need is to call customer support representatives for each small issue. The responses need to be quick, in case they do so.

In choosing a debit and credit card processing agency, it is equally important to look for good processing fees and services.  Unless sales can be seamlessly processed, a business cannot be benefited by a low processing fee.

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