Life is about balance

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Life is about balance

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It used to be when people talked about well-being they only meant the physical side of looking after yourself. Eating healthily and exercising. That was definitely the easiest part to understand and to implement.

Well-being is how you function on a personal and social level and how you feel about your life. It is very individual. Nowadays it is about balancing all the areas in your life. Work, Social, Health, Sleep and Personal Development. Sometimes one area may take precedence but that's ok as long as it doesn't become a long term habit.

Maybe there is a project at work with a deadline I can't afford to miss. I will put in a few extra hours over the course of a couple of months to hit the deadline.

April and May seem to be party time for me as a lot of my friends are Taurean's so there is always a few more late nights and glasses of wines enjoyed.

I am currently studying so that is my priority for the next few months until all my assessments and tests have been completed, this means that I have to say no to some social events so that I have the time to study.  The course and exams will be finished in August and then I will make time to catch up with my friends.

If you are feeling that your life is out of balance at the moment take some time out to work out where you are putting your energy and what you are missing out and take a small step to pull that area back into balance.
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I love life and I want to help others love their lives too.

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