Do you try to fit in ?

Do you try to fit in ?

Fitting in

It is something most of us do

This can start at a very young age

Peer pressure to dress the same, think the same, own the same things

Fear that if you are different you will be excluded and bullied

And if you grow up still wanting to fit in this can lead to the need to be 'Perfect'

or the worry that you will be found out

or even worse, depression because you never feel good enough because what you are doing and saying is different to what you really feel inside

But we are all different.

Even if we experience the same thing we will perceive it differently from our siblings and closest friends

But that's OK and you are OK

Difference is what makes the world an interesting place

Difference is what gives us room to grow

Difference means you can educate and illuminate other people's thoughts and experiences

If you do worry that you are not good enough

⭐ Journal about all the things you have achieved. Remember your wins.
⭐Identify where you feel inadequate get some training or collaborate. People love to feel wanted and asking for help is not a failure
⭐Don't compare yourself. What is important to someone else and what they want to achieve is different to you. Set your own goals
⭐Don't worry what other people think about you. I'll let you into a secret, most people are worrying about themselves. You don't need their approval
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