UK government urged to prevent ‘charging deserts’

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UK government urged to prevent ‘charging…

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"The UK’s competition authority has called for the government to intervene in the electric car charger market to prevent “charging deserts” and increase availability in locations outside London." source The Guardian. 

As you have just read the government are going to have to pay to install more and more ev chargers outside of London as there isnt enough throughout the nation for the 2030 switch to electric. Coinsidently more and more consumers are being put off from buying an EV because of the charging drought and worries emerge that they wont be able to charge their vehicles.
As you can see from this graph, England has 34 chargers per 100,000 people and considering there are going to be around 20 million EV cars on the road by 2030, this just wont do.
However the most logical fix for UK consumers is for them to buy their own charger which will guarentee their car to be charged and is way cheaper than using someone else's charger.
ZAP can supply you with a perfect EV at a perfect price and provide you with a charger for your EV all under one roof! So if you are thinking about getting an EV or if you already have one and are in need of a charger to be installed then enquire today! 
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Thank you for reading and have a great day!
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The UK has made steady progress with electric vehicles with over 495,000 ultra-low emission vehicles now on the road across the country, driven by the government's Road to Zero strategy.


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