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Dionne Williams Consultancy - Business Strategy, Mindset & Success Coach

Dionne Williams is a Jo Maxwell featured Mindset Coach.

Dionne, has extensive experience (15 years) in the world of Business Banking & Finance.


Dionne was an Account Executive for Experian Business Information (Credit Referencing Agency) for 5 years, where she trained C-Suite Directors & their teams, how to use the automated systems & information contained within the credit scoring reports.


Additionally Dionne spent 8 Years as a Natwest Senior Business Manager helping thousands of small & medium sized businesses to achieve their business goals



Dionne now runs her own successful Business Mindser & Confidence Coaching Business to empower individuals to overcome the blocks and hurdles preventing them from achieving their desired outcomes.


It became very obvious to Dionne, that the decision by the Banks to no longer offer Personal Business Managers for their small & medium sized business customers, meant that there are millions of business owners now out there, unable to achieve credible, individual advice, on how to actually run, grow & finance a successful business.


Covid-19 has brought additional challenges and now more than ever, business owners need someone they can trust to turn to, when they are feeling stuck or uncertain about how to continue growing and developing.


Dionne finds it frustrating to know that so many business owners are leaning on so called Business experts who in truth, have very little Business knowledge for advice.


Being both an Entrepreneurship enthusiast and passionate about the psychology behind Business success, it was a no brainer to begin developing a series of my own to teach Entrepreneurs the things they really need to know in a way that they can easily understand., whilst removing the use of Financial Jargon & secrecy to make things really simple to grasp for our audience.



Dionne understands that the Banking & Finance world is shrouded in Mystery for the majority of people. She understands that most people do not understand that much about what the Financial Institutions, Banks & Credit Reference Agencies actually do with their information. Dionne understands that entrepreneurs will be hard pressed to find credible advisors with this knowledge, that truly have a vested interest in their business succeeding .


Dionne has designed a comprehensive service that combines practical knowledge with Mindset development so individuals can become free from worry and stress about their businesses. She finds nothing more fulfilling than helping her clients to really identify & realise their potential and achieve their goals.




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