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Testimonial: Coaching with Donna Wray

Having returned from two years travelling, I found myself stuck; both personally and professionally. I did not know what to do, what I could change, and it seemed too difficult to do so - so I continued working 45 hour weeks in a job which was physically demanding, yet not fulfilling in any way. I was fixated on my dream to continue travelling; something which I have had to put on hold due to personal circumstances, which was (I see now) holding me back from letting myself live a full life now.

I had the pleasure of working with Donna over a period of 3 months earlier this year. Looking back, I can see how confused and muddled I was, with no real direction. Donna helped me take stock of my situation, the available options and take into consideration my interests and passions. I took a few detours along the way; sticking with the travel theme I decided I wanted to work in a travel company. I got through to the assessment stage yet it was only afterwards that I realised that hard sales environment was not me at all! The best thing about it was Donna could see that it wasn't suitable for me from the beginning but didn't intervene; she allowed me to work it out in my own time - which was far more beneficial for me than if she had tried to discourage me.

I also did an online assessment for personality/learning style; going through the results was both enlightening and confirmed my growing awareness of my own style, both personally and professionally.

The top three goals I set myself at the end of my sessions with Donna were:

1. To start a career in childcare and education, as I had identified this as my passion
2. To leave my current job and find a part time job to fit around my new course
3. To move into a share house/flat to get my sense of independence back again

I am thrilled to say, as of today I have signed a 6 month contract for a flat share in central London, in September I started a Foundation Degree course in Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, and have started my new job in retail last week. I feel a lot more confident, with direction and more importantly, motivated to carry on. Balancing all this is hard work, but believing in what you are doing, not just so you can pay your bills and survive, makes all the difference in the world. I am so, so glad I made the decision to get myself back on track, and had the support and expertise of Donna to make this journey...THANK YOU :)

- December 2019
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