What is your 'No Deal' contingency plan?

Solutions of Candour Business Consultant

What is your 'No Deal' contingency plan?

You are not alone!

You may laugh, but we are headed towards an exciting 60 or so days worth of mud-slinging and scare-mongering which will do nothing for strategy planning of SME organisations.

Many SME businesses are beholden to their supply chain, suppliers are beholden to their own supply chains and we have to recreate the almost seamless transactions required, across many more borders than when the EU was originally created. It will definitely be an eventful time, if nothing else.

Are customers going to accept 28 day delivery times again in the Amazon era? 

Nobody at this point knows whether or not there will be a deal, the terms of any agreement nor the full implication of 'No Deal Brexit' should that happen, but some people have more experience than others. 

We are here to help

Our resident supply chain consultant boasts 20 years of relationships, experience and influence in global supply chain.   We are regularly in contact with our global partners as they brace, prepare and mitigate as much risk as they can before the fact. 

We very much welcome the chance to share our experience, advice and our network before 29th March* 

Please get in touch, ask for Ryan

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Solutions of Candour Business Consultant

I draw my experience from over 19 years of senior level project management, leading logistics for a world class FMCG manfacturer.



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