Who should you hire? the right candidate for the job, right?

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Who should you hire? the right candidate for the…

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So quick question for you, would you hire an electrician to plumb in your bathroom? They said they have done it before…… No, you wouldn’t hire the plumber because that’s his trade.


So why are there so many companies out there that think they do not need planners??????


There is a reason that the role of planner exists and it’s because the skill set is required. “But its only a small job, I’m sure the site manager can deal with it” well first of the most important programme is the tender programme. It’s the programme all your prelims are built on so is it right? Do you have enough prelims now to cover the work? Was the programme updated correctly over the life of the tender or was it forgotten about after it was drawn up on the back of a fag packet?

By the time, the programme lands on the site/ project managers lap the only influence they have is over the sequencing of certain areas to suit how they want to build it, but the overall duration is now locked in contract. the phrase you can’t polish a turd comes to mind.


So, who is progressing the programme? The site/ project manager. Without getting into an argument about this they tend to progress with optimism in their hearts and so the outcome of the progress is probably incorrect just from that point, then how are they applying percentages to tasks? Are they measuring progress against time or are they guessing?

So, we now have all the percentages input, then what. Are they straitening the progress line, checking the logic is still, correct? Are they checking the follow-on activities start dates are still achievable? Are they working out what the new end date is and analysing the delay?

Unfortunately, generally the answer is no so how do you know when you are going to finish?


It may only be a small project, but can you afford to risk losing money on any project big or small?


Message me to see how we can help, big or small.

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We provide planning solutions for builders, contractors, fit out contractors and larger sub contractors. We produce construction programmes, progress reporting and monitoring. Re-programming and all…


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