Over the past three decades, I have had experience of providing full-time Secretarial, Business Project, HR and Administrative support for start-ups and top tier companies, often in demanding positions. Work ethic and years of experience ensured that I was equipped to provide the necessary resource to employers, by efficiently taking on the tasks to relieve some of the stress that comes from the overwhelming workloads.

With transitional skills that span within a wealth of industries including universities, engineering, hospitality, construction, Healthcare, Banking, HR, marketing and pensions, as such I have developed a large network of business associates to trusted service providers.

Working from a secure, remote and modern office, I am discreet, professional, organised and confidentially assured.

When you need someone to add more hours to your day than more days to your week, whether it is dealing with emails, phone calls arranging travel for even just a few hours a day – then contact Diamond Virtual Assistant.

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