Creating great content is my passion and helping people market themselves effectively is our goal. After years of waiting for the right moment I finally took the step to start a production company with the one person I knew would be up for the challenge, my twin brother. His vast amount of experience in the industry combined with my drive and sales background allowed us to hit the ground running and offer professional, engaging and original content at an affordable price.

Although fantastic camera and editing skills are essentials in this market we are strong believers that the power lies with the concept. Anyone can learn to use a piece of equipment/software, the true challenge is creating something that stands out, that grabs the viewers attention and leaves your audience wanting more. We spend just as much effort in planning the concept as we do throughout the whole production process.

We truly love what we do, this comes across in our attitude, our work and the time we invest into every client we meet no matter how big or small.
We like to start off every relationship over a humble coffee and a casual chat.
If you need a promotional video to sell your business or services, drop me a line : )


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