I am so excited to share the release of our live investment opportunity through our partners, Propiteer should this still be of interest. 

Due to CH4B’s affiliation, we can offer exceptional returns with a minimum £2,000 investment entry level.

Propiteer bonds are asset-backed, with security taken against land or company shares, providing a safety net to help secure returns and to minimise risk to investors.

There are two investment options: 

1.     IFISA – Can move existing ISA or part of ISA across OR to set up a new ISA

2.     Bond Model – Can invest personally, through a business or through a pension 

The launch of the Propiteer Capital Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is a simple way to earn a 12% TAX-FREE return.  This is equivalent to a massive gross rate equivalent of up to 20.82% for Additional Rate taxpayers. Better still it is FIXED RATE, so there is no slumping with turbulent stock markets.

If this opportunity is still of interest, please feel free to share your availability for a zoom/teams discover call.

(Please Note: Direct enquiries to Propiteer will only receive between 6-8% return and will not be upgraded to a Premium Member, to qualify for the 12% return enquiries will need to be made via CH4B.)


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