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"I get a feeling..." 

How many times have you heard this being said?

Essentially, this is ENERGY. Your second brain. Your gut. This energy is all around. This is God and His Omnipresence. This is how God works through His Angels and us.

As a Channel, I have God's Angels work through me. I work with the energy that we all have. The healing energy, for a person's or animal's highest good, is directed through me, bringing peace, calm, relaxation and love. A similar experience to yoga but amplified and without moving!

I use Angelic Reiki everyday on myself and others. I have loved Alternative Therapies since childhood. Part of my life purpose is to help people. I have worked in a fair few industries and have a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables me to facilitate positive change, incorporating my understanding and empathy.


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    Angelic Reiki Silver and Gold




NVQ3 Information, Advice and Guidance

Interests and Hobbies

Football, Alternative Therapies, Baking, History and Tea.

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