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My firm specialise in providing "Asset Protection” arrangements in association with its panel Isle of Man ( IOM ) Trust company.

Existing investments can be transferred on an ‘in specie’ basis to protect the ‘estate’ of individuals/couples against creditors, divorce, ex spouse(s), and other claimants, including protection against Local Authorities making financial claims vis a vis care home fees. Likewise for those clients who have a potential and existing liability regards Inheritance Tax, complete or partial mitigation can be achieved.

Any advice, information et cetera, provided by my firm, is free from any fees and also free from any obligation to proceed with any recommendations that may be made. Fees are only incurred if as and when a client were to instruct our panel Trust Company to proceed with the Portfolio Counselling Services “Asset Protection Plan” ( “APP”).

Once the “APP” is in place we also have, if required by the relevant club member, a ‘panel’ Financial Regulation Authority ( FCA ) Independent Financial Advisor ( IFA ) who will be able to meet with the client(s) concerned to provide an ongoing
annual review of the client’s ‘Estate Planning’ needs.

A substantial introducer’s fee is available. Alternatively a payment can be made to enhance the client’s Trust account or paid to a charity chosen by the client.

Over the last 25 years the Isle of Man has become one of the world’s most important financial hubs. It provides our company, products and clients greater scope for tax efficiency, backed up with tough layers of protection.

The Island enjoys exceptional political and economic stability, and crucially, enacts its own legislation, direct taxation and fiscal policies independent of the UK. It has an outstanding reputation for investor protection and security.


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