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I'm a personal development consultant and facilitator who specialises in career confidence and employee wellbeing. 

My aim is to make everyone’s  Monday feel as great as Fridays - but how?

Firstly - by having a job or career that we actually want to get out of bed for! 

Through coaching with me, my clients discover what they really want to do in their careers and with their lives.


Secondly - by having the courage to take risks to achieve all we want to do. 

I enable and embolden my clients to create a manageable action plan for them to start living their life’s purpose.


And thirdly - by being well at work and in our lives - whether that is decreasing stress, having a supportive network in our workplaces or having a bespoke well being programme that works for the entire organisation. 

Employee Health & Happiness are top of the agenda when I work with businesses - without a team working productively and coherently together a business will invariably flounder.


As a fully certified Life & Business coach I work with individuals and teams to gain, grow and maintain their inner confidence and self-esteem.

For many of my clients their jobs and lives are intrinsically linked and they desire to gain more work life balance to do the things they love, to switch off, to minimise stress and overwhelm. They achieve this with me as I am completely focused on them their needs.

I work with businesses to create bespoke and tailored Workplace Wellbeing programmes leading to improved employee health and happiness. This directly improves team communication, productivity and proactive practices.

Through workshops on well-being, confidence & impact, resilience & stress management employees feel empowered, valued and motivated. Thereby, business absenteeism and recruitment costs are reduced and productivity is immediately increased.

Rather than offering advice to clients I ask powerful questions resulting in deep self-realisation about who they are and what they want to be, to do and to have in their lives.

I challenge clients to discover what they really want from their careers, relationships and lives. This leads to fun, challenging and motivating sessions with highly satisfied clients walking away with clarity, ambition and action plans to progress.

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