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I’m Kate Bishop and I’m here to make your Mondays feel just as great as Fridays. As a leading career and confidence facilitator and coach I work with individuals to empower them to find and follow their career dreams as well as live the life they crave.

I work with businesses to create and improve their workplace practices for mentally healthy, happy teams through programmes and workshops on mental wellbeing, confidence and stress management.


  • Kate Bishop Coaching

    Career and Confidence Coach
    1 - 5 Employees 2018 - Current
    Kate Bishop Coaching

    As a certified Life & Business coach I work with individuals and teams to gain, grow and maintain inner confidence and self-esteem.

    I focus on career courage and motivation to enable clients to take the next steps in progression, career change or starting their own business

    For many of my clients their jobs and lives are intrinsically linked and they desire to gain more work life balance to do the things they love, to switch off, to minimise stress and overwhelm. They achieve this with me as I am completely focused on them their needs.

    I work with businesses to create bespoke and tailored Workplace Wellbeing programmes leading to improved employee health and happiness. This directly improves team communication, productivity and proactive practices. Through workshops on well-being, confidence and stress management employees feel empowered, valued and motivated.

Education History

  • Personal Life Coach

    The Coaching Academy
    2017 - 2018
  • Small Business Coaching

    The Coaching Academy
    2018 - 2019


Financial Coaching  CPD
The Coaching Academy


Clubs and Associations

Association for Coaching

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