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“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get” – Forest Gump.

Who do you think you need to get where you want to be?

The good news is that You are only two people and text message away from the greatness of your own better future and wellbeing. You and your life coach!

How? Make the first bold step and send me a text message and I will call back free of charge, for a friendly, half-hour conversation with no obligation to hire me. During our fully confidential and non-judgemental conversation, you can tell me what you are looking for. We can briefly discuss whether it is a stress management issue or you want to shape up your self-confidence, work on assertiveness, personal changes or carrier development. Those are some of the examples of my areas of expertise. Just check me out!

Let’s assume that after our conversation you feel good about us working together towards Your new, better future and wellbeing. The decision is entirely yours.

Step two: we will arrange our sessions according to your schedule and needs. During our session, I will actively listen and guide you towards your goal. Usually, it takes one session per week to give you time to practice new habits.

In the current climate of the pandemic, face to face sessions are against restrictions, but the internet is on our side. If you have access to the internet we can have our sessions over a video call on most of the communication platforms, e.g. Messenger, What’s up, etc. We can also do it over the phone, that is not a problem! Please let me know whichever you prefer, and which option makes you feel most comfortable.

I can hear your next question as you are whispering into my ear: How many sessions will I need and how much does it cost? It is recommended to have four to eight sessions with a life coach. It will mainly depend on your progress towards your goal.

I have designed a balanced package based on long-term experience.

Usually, a full package costs £360!

Full package that is 6 sessions 60 minutes each PLUS a follow up FREE session (four weeks after the last meeting) you can now get all this for ONLY £200!

You will surely benefit and save £160!!!

There is more to this package, you can send me text messages between sessions, I will answer them A.S.A.P for FREE!

Just think: Do you want to walk alone through “the dark unknown” towards your future?

Or, would you like to “travel lightly” to easily achieve your goal? That can be done in good company and with the support from me, Your life coach.

You are only a text message away from the beginning of a better future! But don’t take my word for it. See the testimonies of my previous clients.

Talk to you soon!



  • The Core Life Coaching

    Life Coach
    1 - 5 Employees 2010 - Current
    The Core Life Coaching

    While working with mental health professionals, I acquired knowledge and I have specialised in delivering therapeutic sessions of life coaching. Overall, ten years of experience as life coach drew my personal interest towards psychology and had a significant impact on the choice of my academic path.

  • Subcontractor of The Big Word

    Community Interpreter
    100+ Employees 2010 - Current

    ·         Conveying  languages from Polish into English and English into Polish across NHS services, Social Services and other statutory agencies. I have learnt to recognise an individual need and signposting a person towards other services available to improve their wellbeing and adaptability according to cultural background.

  • Mediation Assured

    2021 - Current

    I am newly qualified Mediator for Civil and Commercial disputes. However, I have previous experince in Balanced Mediations and negotiations in community disputes gained form facilitating Restorative Justice cases.

    New website Mediation will come shortly.


Education History

  • Forensic Psychology

    University of Central Lancashire
    2016 - 2019

    I have always been interested in a correlation between individual differences and factors that influence behaviours. During study I have developed critical thinking skills along with strong researcher abilities which allowed me to design and conduct my independent dissertation project on childhood poverty and neglect as predictors of developing The Dark Triad traits in adults.

  • Laws

    University of Central Lancashire
    2019 - 2020

    I have always been interested in people, their behaviours, their involvement in social/legal conflicts. The Mediation module enhanced my understanding of the legal and social aspects of conflict along with practical methods to find resolution for a dispute.


  • Life Coaching Diploma - January 2020
  • Mediator qualified and accredited by Civil Mediations Council – February 2021
  • Balanced Mediation Certificate  – February 2020 
  • NVQ Level 4 Certificate - OCN Community Interpreting/Translating- Grade Merit – September 2014
  • Lecturer TEFL course – Teaching English Foreigner Languages – February 2012
  • NVQ Level 2 Certificate – OCN Mentoring Practice 2010

Clubs and Associations

British Psychology Society- 2016

The Commercial Mediation Council - 2021

The ProMediate panel membership - 2021

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